Our Products

Bulk Trailers

Grain – Silage – Bales – Bio Mass

Single Axle – Twin Axle – Triple Axle

Steering Axle – High Speed Axle

5 tonne to 24 tonne capacity.

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Manure Spreaders

Fitted with large bottom spinning disc they are equally at home with Solids – Slurry – Dry – Lime

6 tonne/ 4.1m³ Single Axle to 14 tonne/11.1m³ Double Axle capacity

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Chaser Bins

Increased efficiency – Lower compaction

15.3 tonne/28m³ Twin/Steering Axle

22.7 tonne/34m³ Triple/Steering Axle

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Power Push-Off Trailers

High Capacity – Low Emptying Height

16 tonne/30.8m³ Double – Steering Axle

23.5 tonne/36.57m³ Triple – Steering Axle

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Green Forage Machinery

Mowers –Tedders – Rakes – Balers – Wrappers

Single or Combination Mowers

Balers & Wrappers

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Bale Trailers & Self-Loading Bale Trailers

Double Axle – Twin Axle – Triple Axle Bale trailers

7.5 tonne to 19 tonne capacity

Self-Loading/Tipping Bale Trailer

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