Bulk Trailers

  • Rear Tipping
  • 3 Way tipping
  • Hook lift
  • Push-Off
  • Single Axle 
  • Tandem Axle
  • Double Axle
  • Triple Axle
  • Self Steer Axle

From the 2.5 tonne T654 to the 24 tonne T862/1 – PRONAR have a Trailer to suit most requirements.

# Tyre and brake options allow you to choose your own specification of all trailers.

The Monocoque 14.4 tonne PRONAR T700 Bulk Trailer with its tandem steering axle makes it easy to manoeuvre in confined spaces and on the road. Its 14.7m³ capacity and hydraulic tailgate, with auto-lock when closed, makes it extremely versatile for grain/bulk haulage on all farms.

The 16 tonne Pronar T700M Bulk Trailer, with its 14.7m³ capacity and lower centre of gravity, is equipped with a new type of suspension and high load axles increasing stability. The tailgate is fitted with a security system with locks on the hydraulic cylinders, which guarantees locking.

The PRONAR T682 (T682/1)  with its load/capacity options of up to 24 tons and 32m³ and its Self-Steer Triple Axle is one of the largest agricultural trailers on the market today.

The trailer is fully automatic – with hydraulic rear door closing and clamping hooks to ensure trouble-free operation. Fitted with its independent PTO driven Hydraulic System, it avoids cross contamination of hydraulic oil and enables it to be used with smaller tractors in confined spaces.

Its Self-Steer Triple Axle system improves handling, tyre wear and surface damage thus increasing its flexibility in tight spaces where large trailers cannot normally operate.

Pronar T700XL Bulk Trailer

18 tonne Capacity/24 tonne gross

26.6m³ without extensions/35.7m³ with 600 mm extensions – Optional Extra

Self-locking hydraulic rear gate – Sprung drawbar – LED lights – Air or Hydraulic Brakes

# Please follow this link for the Pronar Brochure with all model specifications and options.