Christmas Special £27,000 (Saving over £10,000)

    New/Unused with Manufacturer’s Warranty

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    Christmas Special £27,000 (Saving over £10,000)

    New/Unused with Manufacturer’s Warranty

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PRONAR – Quality, Strength, Innovation, Value – Designed with you in mind

Our Products

Bulk Trailers

Grain – Silage – Bales – Bio Mass

Single Axle – Twin Axle – Triple Axle

Steering Axle – High Speed Axle

5 tonne to 24 tonne capacity.

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Manure Spreaders

Fitted with large bottom spinning disc they are equally at home with Solids – Slurry – Dry – Lime

6 tonne/ 4.1m³ Single Axle to 14 tonne/11.1m³ Double Axle capacity

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Chaser Bins

Increased efficiency – Lower compaction

15.3 tonne/28m³ Twin/Steering Axle

22.7 tonne/34m³ Triple/Steering Axle

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Power Push-Off Trailers

High Capacity – Low Emptying Height

16 tonne/30.8m³ Double – Steering Axle

23.5 tonne/36.57m³ Triple – Steering Axle

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Green Forage Machinery

Mowers –Tedders – Rakes – Balers – Wrappers

Single or Combination Mowers

Balers & Wrappers

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Bale Trailers & Self-Loading Bale Trailers

Double Axle – Twin Axle – Triple Axle Bale trailers

7.5 tonne to 19 tonne capacity

Self-Loading/Tipping Bale Trailer

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Why us?

We’ve got the tools

With 2000 Pronar employees in 6 factories producing innovative machinery for today, PRONAR has a machine to suit you. With many Options and Accessories you can choose the specification of your own machine.


Pronar and the Charter Group

Who else can claim as much hands on experience of Farm Husbandry and Agricultural Machinery production across Western and Eastern Europe?

2 Year Guarantee

2 Year Pronar Warranty on Agricultural Products

A proven combination – Quality – Strength – Innovation

Competitive Pricing

Large Scale Production with Personal Care + In-house production of the majority of parts = Quality products at Competitive Prices.

50 Years’ Experience

With 50 years of Farming + Contracting and Agricultural Machinery Marketing in Europe (even in Russia) – we have learnt the value of Quality Machinery in the most extreme conditions. This is why we chose Pronar.

Great Support

With Distributors being appointed in all areas + the full support of Pronar and the Charter Group you will have all the support you need in choosing the right product and specification.